Fri 07th Jun, 2019

Laura Laune in Noumea

Island Theater - 161 James Cook Ave - Nouville, 98800 Nouméa
Fri 07th Jun, 2019
08:00 pm - 10:00 pm

One woman show forbidden at least 14 years                                                                    

LAURA LAUNE - The devil is a nice little girl 

Reservations 25.50.50 

With his angel face and his innocent smile, we would give him the good god without confession. Laura Laune, the winner of the latest edition of "France has an incredible talent" (M6), hides a strong taste for black humor, one that scratches, shakes, attacks all taboos - from racism to parenting through education, homosexuality and other cleaving themes - to make them fall, to show the limits and the absurdity.

Devil taking the clothes of a nice little girl, Laura Laune does not forbid anything, dare everything. Stripping and irreverent, as only Belgians know how to be, it leads us to discover all these monsters that we hide in our own closets. When temptation takes the form of a humor as trash and uninhibited as that of the ingenuous Laura Laune, how sweet it is to succumb to it!